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Welcome to the Webmaster Toolshed

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You will find a treasure trove of information here for the Online, and Offline Marketer alike. The Webmaster is currently constructing several websites in Niche Markets This site is the whiteboard and central resource container for testing and fine tuning of WordPress Themes, Plugins, Widgets, and Tools before they are deployed to the live sites. It is also as a central connector to existing and developing sites. Modifications and tweaks to Themes and Plugins will also be documented on this site.


In light of recent changes at Google, SEO is of particular interest at present and our testing of various methods will be documented on this site.

We also research and test Affiliate Programs for our clients and we will report about the good, bad, and downright ugly here.

We have just added some Domains that we no longer require in Domains for Sale Most of the Domains we list have never been used and are at least a year old so they are ideal for your next Blog.

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At present we are spending a lot of time and resources on SEO to try to over come, or at least work around the latest updates from Google. Early on it appears that less is more, in other words many Websites and Blogs are over optimized and therefore penalized. One of our sites Herbs for Life is now on page one of Google and we have done very little SEO work to it, in fact we have basically forgotten all about it since it was built a year or so ago. And it has automated Posts running which is supposed to be a no no. And even worse, it does not have a Static front page so there really isn’t anything to optimize as far as on page goes. As well it is a .asia  Domain which should make it harder to rank. Go figure!  Anyway more news on SEO soon.

As this is the personal site of The Webmaster there will be plenty of snippets of useful information floating around as time goes by.

Be sure to visit the Webmaster Blog. Your comments and feedback always welcome.

Thank you for visiting the Webmaster



Just came across a very interesting site from the point of view of SEO, and spying on competitors. They also have an interesting FREE plugin. More soon …

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Having your own ecommerce online store is actually much simpler than most people think. A way to build an affiliate ecommerce store is by using data feeds. Data feeds make it possible to display products from one or more merchants in the same web site.

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